Genuine crafts from a variety of locally grown natural fibres

Genuine crafts from a variety of locally grown natural fibres

The materials in La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE hats and bags consist of a variety of different natural fibres that grow where the artisans live: the mountain grass "Haravola", the sedges "Penjy", "Ravindahasa", "Erana", raffia palm, sisal. They are natural fibres that grow wild in Madagascar without the use of artificial irrigation or pesticides. Using a variety of different natural fibres in handicrafts also has a long tradition in Madagascar. It is good from many aspects.
See photos and read more about the various hand crafts on La Maison Afrique FAIR TRADE website menu selection HAND CRAFTS.

DIVERSITY AND DECOLONIZATION OF BOTANY TO RESPOND TO FUTURE STRESSES: An article published in Inside Climate News reports that wild plants can help their cultivated cousins adapt to climate stresses, but that requires tracking them down around the world as well as " decolonizing botany".
...and the Swedish National Heritage Board (Riksantikvariet) writes: "If you say biological diversity, many people probably think of wild-growing rare plants. But biodiversity is much bigger than that. It also includes a large number of different kinds of cultivated plants.”
(…)" In short, it can be said that the preservation of old cultural plants can therefore be seen as a kind of insurance against an uncertain future. In the future, old types of cultivated plants may become very important in plant breeding. For example, when you need to cross their characteristics with the modern varieties, in order to meet completely new requirements for climate adaptation and quality."

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