virka raffiaSmall is Big

In an article the 21 March 2015, La Gazette writes about the big importance handicraft has for the national economy; Crafts contribute with ca 12% to Madagascar GNI (Gross National Income), which is more than the contribution from the industrial sector's 8%.

In addition, crafts fight poverty in urban as well as rural areas – and it makes use of a variety of local raw materials to make high quality products.

The article points at the need to know more in order to make better use of the craft sector as a national recourse – and to tackle problems.

In 2002, INSTAT, Institute National de la Statistique de Madagascar made a study of the craft sector. The study was comprehensive, its results well worth reading- and it was well in line with the article 2015 in La Gazette. The report from the study is available from INSTAT website.